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About DRC Development

With expertise in building and optimizing innovative programs that deliver sustainable solutions in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, we can help your organization clarify, execute, and scale impact through business and people operations consulting, speaking engagements, and workshop design and facilitation.  

Our Services

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People Operations Consulting

  • attracting & retaining talent

  • new hire onboarding

  • staff learning & training

  • job description & pay band development

  • management & leadership programs

  • talent management

  • organizational design & development

  • learning management system

  • resilience auditing


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Business Operations Consulting

  • process improvement & operational excellence

  • program optimization

  • project management

  • scalability plans

  • strategic planning facilitation

  • technology implementation & end-user training

  • change management

  • customer experience

  • policies & procedures

  • resilience auditing

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Speaking Engagements & Workshops

  • Sustainability for Resilience

  • Creating Talent Development Plans

  • Transferable Skills & Career Pathing

  • Self-Empowerment

  • Building High–Reliability Organizations

  • Transformational & Emerging Leadership

  • Networking & Community Engagement

  • Public Speaking & Pitch Presenting

  • Personal Branding

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Private Coaching 

Limited Availability

  • public speaking

  • career & education pathing

  • career transitions

  • networking & community engagement

  • personal branding

  • talent management


Business Strategy  Coaching 
Program Management 

 Branding   Sustainability

Instructional Design    Fundraising 

Community Engagement

TT - Executive Director 

I highly recommend Dr. C for coaching and consulting business services because she is energetic, knowledgeable and professional.  Her expertise in coaching helped me be more confident when presenting and marketing our fundraising event. I enjoyed working with Dr. C immensely and I recommend anyone who needs professional coaching in their business to collaborate with her.

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