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About The Generous Genius

The Generous Genius is a limited liability company providing executive coaching, business development advising, and business/people operations consulting.  We specialize in service-based organizations, nonprofits, small businesses, and startups.

We aim to ensure sustainable, responsible, and successful business growth that maximizes both social impact and economic development.

Our Services

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People Operations Consulting

  • attracting & retaining talent

  • new hire onboarding

  • staff learning & training

  • job description & pay band development

  • management & leadership programs

  • talent management

  • organizational design & development

  • learning management system

  • resilience auditing


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Business Operations Consulting

  • process optimization & operational excellence

  • program design & management

  • project management

  • scalability plans

  • strategic planning facilitation

  • technology implementation & end-user training

  • change management

  • customer experience

  • policies & procedures

  • resilience auditing

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Business Development Advising

  • client personas development

  • position and value proposition writing

  • sales scripting and collateral building

  • key performance indicator assessment

  • performance target defining 

  • client retention and optimization strategies

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Speaking Engagements & Workshops

  • Sustainability for Resilience

  • Systemizing Equity in Talent Acquisition & Management

  • Creating Talent Development Plans

  • Building High–Reliability Organizations

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Executive Coaching 

Limited Availability

  • change management

  • decision making

  • internal & external communications

  • transitioning from individual contributor to leader

  • building a vision

  • influence & authority

TT - Executive Director 

I highly recommend Dr. C for coaching and consulting business services because she is energetic, knowledgeable and professional.  Her expertise in coaching helped me be more confident when presenting and marketing our fundraising event. I enjoyed working with Dr. C immensely and I recommend anyone who needs professional coaching in their business to collaborate with her.

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